New E-Book

A Fly On The Wall, A Bartender’s Perspective

By AJ Rothberg

An inside look at politics, love, business and life. A satirical and controversial incite from the guy who wasn’t supposed to hear anything but ended up hearing it all. Memoirs of a veteran bartender with over 20 years in the business in some of the most prominent cities in America.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

A Collection of short stories from 20 years in the business serving  Rock-stars, Actors, Actresses, Politicians, Business Leaders, and everyday people in Places like Washington D.C., Baltimore, & Denver.




“An easy, quick read that had me smiling to the end”

“A surprise with every page turned.”

    “WOW- Not what I expected!”

“Truly Enlightening”

“Great Surprise -Killer Recipes in the back!”


Published by Harmony Hall Enterprizes LLC

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2012


1 thought on “New E-Book

  1. Hi AJ & Cathi.
    Thank you for your excelent service. Our stay at Harmony Hall Resorts was famous. Snorkeling and diving was super. And visiting of Botanical Garden with Sinclaire? Wonderful experience!
    Best regards, Jan, David & Denny.

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