Harmony Hall Resorts, St.Vincent

Most of the beaches around St. Vincent are as they were when the pirates and merchant sailors set their boots in the soft sparkling sands. No fenced off beaches or large crowded towering resorts.

Beautiful gold sands await.

Visit our Youtube video for a quick tour of one of our local pristine, empty beaches; QUICK BEACH VIDEO

Gray sands and no crowds.

Snorkeling on the leeward side right off the beach is incredible to say the least. The windward side offers surfing and boogie boarding. The black sands of St. Vincent are not the same as other black sand beaches in the world. The sand here is powder soft. So much so it doesn’t get as hot as the white and gold sands. The black sand is so soft it doesn’t  stick to your feet.

Amazing thing about the beaches in St.Vincent is that they are all very different. The color of the sand. The texture and temperature. The general feel that each bay or shoreline brings. You can easily visit many beaches around the world and still not find the amazing variety that St.Vincent offers.

Can you hear it calling????

Some of the parks have amenities such as gazebos and fire-pits. Some even have wood for you to use and even an attendant willing to help you get your camp fire started. Something about a B-B-Q by the beach that makes it taste even better.

Long referred to as Tahiti of the Caribbean, St.Vincent’s towering lush mountains and shallow easy bays allow for that exotic tropical island environment you’ve dreamed about and seen in movies.

You've seen beaches like this in movies.
Those should be your footsteps in the sand.
Long, empty, exotic shoreline.

When the waves hit the rocks just the right way they rumble and clatter like nothing you have ever heard. Natures symphony rings a new bell.

Quiet beaches are a rare thing anymore in the world. But then again most of the world has never heard of St. Vincent.

The southern Caribbean Sea meets the rich southern Atlantic off our southern tip making the waters healthy, warm and welcoming. Every color of blue and green reflect off the crystal clear waters.

Sparkle in the sands are like pure magic.
Welcome to our island mon.

We are a volcanic island and the black sands remind us. Every afternoon on the leeward side the feldspar in the sand reflects the light and the entire beach will sparkle like diamonds.

Not all beaches are empty, everyone loves a good beach party.
Friendly faces always willing to help.
Are you still waiting for your boat to come in? Don't wait think St.Vincent now.
The Caribbean you've dreamed about.
Another beach on St.Vincent yet to be found.
Perfect parking spot!!!!
Beach hopping via sea kayak always makes for a fun day.

Pirates or polluters?

St.Vincent is striving to keep their beaches clean. Unfortunately most of the trash and debris that ends up on the beaches of most of the Lesser Antilles comes from the open ocean. Either from boats or from clear across the Atlantic.

Amazing volcanic shorelines of every sort.
Sand so soft you sink into it.

Direct results of global warming.

Just since this past summer there has been large rafts of “Sargassum Sea Moss” otherwise known as grape caulerpa or sea weed washing up on the shores of islands from Grenada to the Bahamas. This Sea moss has died off due to the warming of the seas off the coasts of Africa. It can be seen floating on the Atlantic Ocean as large areas of bright yellow floating on the surface. The sea moss turns red after it washes a shore and eventually breaks down adding nutrients to both the land and the sea. The natives say they had never seen such a thing before.

Green sand crabs are always good beach entertainment.
Come find that secret hidden spot you've been longing for.

Harmony Hall Resorts is conveniently located on the scenic southern end of St. Vincent and close to many of the choice beaches in the entire Caribbean. Come find yourself here and see for yourself  how enchanting our beaches truly are.

Are you ready yet?

Harmony Hall Resorts, St. Vincent is your Caribbean island home away from home. You have friends in the Caribbean! Book now and save big on that dream vacation you’ve always wanted.

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3 thoughts on “Beaches

  1. Stands back from the keyboard in aamzenmte! Thanks!

  2. Stephanie Tomarchio July 25, 2011 — 11:54 pm

    This is beautiful! I just heard about this beach and we’ve been searching countless hours for a beach and hotel that would fit us! I am so glad that I found you, I can’t wait until I book with you guys and are able to spend a week away and be in paradise with my husband for our anniversary!!!!
    **Army Wife Forever*

    1. Let us know whenever you are ready and we’ll do our very best to make it special. Always appreciative of those who serve.

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